It's time to checkmate run-amok COVID-19 states

Hopefully, many of the things that lie heavy upon the nation right now will be in our collective rearview mirror in the near future.  These things include constant mention of pandemic and crisis — hourly radio reports and TV news reports of coronavirus infections and deaths, face masks, the pronouncements of "experts" like the little gnome man and the scarf lady, and ubiquitous signs and messages that implore us to stay home and stay safe (OBEY!).  All of this is aimed at creating and reinforcing a state of fear and panic because scared people are easier to manipulate. What will not, and must not, fade from our memory and consciousness is the stench of the actions of state governors and state officials who acted with little regard for the constitutional rights of their citizens.  They imposed state-of-emergency edicts that were arbitrary, illogical, capricious, and inconsistent and had little, if...(Read Full Post)
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