Isn't it about time Target got rid of Chrissie Teigen?

Chrissie Teigen, as Andrea Widburg noted here, is joining the growing celebrity cavalcade of woke leftists vowing to bail out "protestors." She pledged $200,000 to get the looters out of jail, the better to Get Trump, upping her pledge when people on Twitter protested. It was bizarre stuff, given that she's already made millions from her shelf space selling her own brand of cookware for Target. Wasn't Target ... one of the first business to have been trashed utterly by the violent, thieving looters? Hasn't Target been forced to shut 24 stores in Minnesota alone due to looting? The footage from the south Minneapolis looting of Target, on the first night of the riots, was utterly appalling. And the destruction from the first night sent the message to all the dirtballs out here that looting was profitable and blue-city authorities would be doing nothing. After that, they hit Target again. Here's Oakland, last night, another...(Read Full Post)
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