Tel Aviv on Fire

Palestinian director Sameh Zoabi and Israeli co-writer Dan Kleinman have created a deliciously dry-humored film, Tel Aviv on Fire, included in an Amazon Prime subscriptions.  Set in 2017, the film is about a nostalgic soap opera, with the same title as the movie, produced in a Ramallah studio for Palestinian television that looks back to the months leading up to the 1967 Six-Day War. Young Salam Abbass (Kais Nashif, in a delightful performance) is hired by his uncle Bassam (Nadim Sawalha) to be a production assistant on that Arabic-language show, which, remarkably, is wildly popular among female viewers in Israel.  Begrudgingly flattered by that success, Uncle Bassam wants to avail himself of the Hebrew skills of his nephew, who lives in East Jerusalem. The retro soap opera exults in a comely female Arab spy pretending to be Jewish and seducing an Israeli general, both to procure military intelligence and to prepare for a suicide bombing to take him out,...(Read Full Post)
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