COVID-mad governors and mayors are totalitarians

The China-Wuhan virus has highlighted the totalitarian nature of the leftist Democratic governors and mayors who have imposed unreasonable restrictions that shut down the economy.  It shows why state and local elections are important. There are numerous examples of the trampling by these leftists of our basic rights protected by the Bill of Rights. A few of the most recent: Oregon Democratic governor Kate Brown sent agents from Child Protective Services to the home of Lindsey Graham (not the senator) to question Lindsey and her husband on May 7, the same day she opened her hair salon during the state stay-at-home order.  They searched her house, inspected the refrigerator, and questioned her 6-year-old son and want to question her 3-year-old daughter. On May 18, 2020, Judge Dever ruled Brown's 28-day order invalid because Brown did not obtain the Legislature's approval to extend it.  Brown was busy harassing Graham and did not have...(Read Full Post)
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