Chris Wallace and Jonah Goldberg savagely attack Kayleigh McEnany

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has rocketed to superstar status in just a few short days in that office, turning the tables on the hostile media she faces in the briefing room shooting gotcha questions at her.  She refuses to play their game, rejecting the role of punching bag, and instead puts them on the defensive, armed with facts, and makes them look partisan, ignorant, and mean — all delivered with a smile on her gorgeous face.

Yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, the empire struck back, using the airwaves of the only channel widely available to the American public that gives President Trump an even break.

Take just over a minute to watch NeverTrumps Chris Wallace and Jonah Goldberg attack her.

Jonah Goldberg accuses Kayleigh of making the press conferences "gladiatorial" matches.  Has he been paying attention to the way the newsies pose their questions for the last 3+ years?  He just doesn't like it when both sides play the game.

Twitter video screen grab.

Bonchie of RedState makes the point that also occurred to me (and probably you): "She must be doing something right."

Update: For those with 5 minutes to spare, here is a long clip from Fox News Sunday via Grabien: