Why do I have to go to an African YouTube channel to see this?

I was about to turn in a few nights ago when I saw the video embedded below on my favorite Igbo YouTube channel, UGWUMBA.  They're an African production company that features a variety of cultural entertainments, mainly short cultural documentaries about the authentic traditions of various Igbo societies.  The people who run this company are a rare breed on so many levels, and like many American patriots, they too have critical questions about the pandemic — especially what is really behind the lockdowns, at least in Nigeria.  This is why they must have posted the video.

The video features a physician who practices in Dallas, Texas talking about what she had been doing for her COVID-19 patients, not long after the outbreak.  Needless to say, she gives the president a lot of credit for helping to cure her patients.  Her name is Dr. Ivette Lozano.  Her 13-minute speech at an "Open Texas!" rally was infuriating to watch and listen to.

Among other things, I was completely shocked to hear that Trump Derangement Syndrome has now completely seized the mental faculties of local everyday drugstore pharmacists.  According to her, some of them outright refused to fill prescriptions for the drug whose name shall not be mentioned unless they were told what it was being prescribed for!

Isn't this in direct violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) — legislation issued at the behest of the Department of Health and Human Services and protected by the very same CDC that has been running this whole show?  When the virus first broke out, she states that she received zero help from the American, Texas, or Dallas Medical Associations — all of which she pays membership dues to.

Instead, what the DMA advocated at the time was for more travel visas to be issued for foreign doctors to come to the U.S. to help out.  This at a time when American physicians all over the country were being furloughed because of the virus.

I live in the United States, not West Africa.  Why are American right-leaning media outlets not conducting interview panels with M.D.s like Ms. Lozano, but instead hanging on to the every word of doctors like this one?  Why did I have to find this information on an African YouTube channel?

Here is the video of Ms. Lozano's speech:

I really love the UGWUMBA channel.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but I speak one dialect of Igbo quite fluently and have a decent understanding of others.  Because of this, I can understand the videos, some of which have left me in complete stitches.  This video not only has a chimpanzee dutifully putting on a face mask and washing its hands (1:46), but asks viewers, "If COVID-19 is so serious, then why on earth are all of the doctors here in Nigeria giving out the same exact medicine that is used to cure malaria — an illness that we all get from time to time?"  As someone who has had malaria on three separate occasions while in Nigeria, I can vouch that this is true.

 President Trump and Dr. Lozano, thank you.  UGWUMBA, Chukwu duwe unu.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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