California Gov. Newsom numb to workers' pain

Before the coronavirus hit California, a virulent piece of legislation was already robbing workers of their jobs.  With the economy now in freefall and nearly three million unemployed, Gov. Gavin Newsom turns a deaf ear to a commonsense solution. Last year, Gov. Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 5, by San Diego Democrat Lorena Gonzalez.  The measure is a declaration of war against independent contractors of all kinds and the first measure to limit Californians' ability to make a living.  The measure limits freelance writers, photographers, and videographers to 35 submissions per publication, per year.  AB-5 has also taken work from independent contractors in many fields, including health care.  The repressive measure is being challenged in the courts, but legislators have declined to suspend it.  With a pandemic on the rise, the time had come to make a case with the...(Read Full Post)
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