Calculating the odds for Joe Biden

Let's talk probabilities. According to Census reports for 1990, America's population totaled just over 250 million.  Just over 42,000 of them lived in San Luis Obispo, California. You don't need a degree — or any training in statistics at all — to answer this question: What are the chances that  - a woman from San Luis Obispo calls in to Larry King's TV program to discuss a daughter's harassment at hands of a U.S. senator, and - divorce court records from San Luis Obispo in 1997 link Tara Reade to harassment that occurred in the offices of then-senator Joseph Biden?   I have a graduate degree in economic statistics and can tell you what you already know.  The chances for these two events to be completely unrelated are statistically zero. As Groucho once asked... Who you gonna believe?(Read Full Post)
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