AMLO vs. doctors in Mexico?

Last week, a friend told me that doctors in Mexico are working in crowded hospitals and forced to wear masks for several days.  I was also told by an old business associate that lots of people are dying, and no one trusts the official coronavirus figures. Then I read about President López-Obrador going after doctors.  This is from Pulse News Mexico: Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's (AMLO) nonstop, venomous spiel against any person or organization that dares to question his Venezuelan-inspired Fourth Transformation (T4) socialist model has become the norm nationwide, sowing hatred and division across the country and spurring violence against journalists, NGOs, human rights organizations and anyone else who dares to question the Holy Doctrine of Saint AMLO. But on Friday, May 8, AMLO's vicious verbal assaults went beyond the pale and even offended some members of his fanatical army of blind proselytes: He...(Read Full Post)
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