Woke hammers and racist nails

It appears that COVID-19 afflicts and kills blacks at higher rates than whites. The virus is more dangerous to people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity. Since blacks have these conditions at higher rates than whites, the virus has taken a higher toll on them. To the woke, there can only be one explanation for this: racism. Usually, progressives are not burdened by the same inquisitiveness the rest of us have when confronted with a situation like this. They have no inclination to ask: could there be cultural, geographic, or biological reasons for this, or any other disparity? Could the diet of blacks be different than other group’s which in turn contributes to higher rates of comorbidities? Most American blacks either live in the South or are only a few generations removed from southern ancestors. Since America’s regional cuisines are different, this may contribute to the higher rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and susceptibility to COVID-19....(Read Full Post)
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