Why aren't the FISA-abusing FBI leadership in jail?

Since President Trump took office, most journalists along with other Democrats have chastised Trump for questioning the integrity of anyone at the Justice Department. Now we learn from the Justice Department inspector general that he found errors in 100% of FBI's applications to surveil that he examined.  Think of that: 100%! Look at this news: Problems with FBI surveillance extended far beyond probe of Trump campaign, Justice Dept. inspector general says The Justice Department inspector general revealed Tuesday that he found errors in every FBI application to a secret surveillance court his office examined as part of an ongoing review — suggesting the problems exposed in the bureau's probe of President Trump's 2016 campaign extend far beyond that case alone. The memorandum issued by Inspector General Michael Horowitz stems from an audit launched last year after his office found 17 serious problems with the FBI's surveillance...(Read Full Post)
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