Who's insane?

The media and the leftist body politic have co-opted psychiatric diagnoses without any real understanding of neurology, psychology, and normal human behavior.  They bandy words like sociopath, unstable, unfit, and crazy to vent their unmitigated hatred of Present Trump. Dr. Sheldon Roth, a physician with decades of practice in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, and a professor at Harvard Medical School, as well as a past member of the highly acclaimed Psychoanalytic Institutes, is highly qualified to make a diagnosis of sanity in his book The Mind of Donald Trump: Psychologically Sound. In a grim coincidence of events, Dr. Roth's analyses are borne out by the president's nightly press conferences occasioned by the COVID-19 virus. As Dr. Roth informs us in his 2008 book Never Give Up, co-written with Meredith McIver, Donald Trump outlined "A Top 10 List for Success," virtually a script for his current role as captain during a time of crisis...(Read Full Post)
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