Where's the coronavirus plan for recovery?

Enough of the daily squabbles with the Trump Resistance in the White House press corps. Enough of the daily bubble-wrapped public health directives that are draconian and fraudulent, change every 24 hours, and do nothing but prolong the agony of the Great Depression II. It is now obvious the COVID-19 numbers have been egregiously exaggerated.  Deaths in the hundreds of thousands were never plausible.  Even the de-rated projections have no basis.  And now, the modelers disavow their own models. And Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx spout more nonsense about no hand-shaking ever again, and pausing grocery and pharmacy shopping for two weeks so "we can save summer." In the meantime, the FDA/CDC geniuses roadblock a variety of quick tests, slow-walk blood antibody assays to determine immunity, and insist on therapy trials that may take months to conduct and evaluate. Madness.  What is Trump waiting...(Read Full Post)
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