Where's the coronavirus plan for recovery?

Enough of the daily squabbles with the Trump Resistance in the White House press corps.

Enough of the daily bubble-wrapped public health directives that are draconian and fraudulent, change every 24 hours, and do nothing but prolong the agony of the Great Depression II.

It is now obvious the COVID-19 numbers have been egregiously exaggerated.  Deaths in the hundreds of thousands were never plausible.  Even the de-rated projections have no basis.  And now, the modelers disavow their own models.

And Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx spout more nonsense about no hand-shaking ever again, and pausing grocery and pharmacy shopping for two weeks so "we can save summer."

In the meantime, the FDA/CDC geniuses roadblock a variety of quick tests, slow-walk blood antibody assays to determine immunity, and insist on therapy trials that may take months to conduct and evaluate.

Madness.  What is Trump waiting for?  Why is he taking orders from saboteurs and unhinged alarmists?

Where is the plan to re-open America?  We've been asking that question for two weeks.

We want the plan to get back to work, not in a month, not in two weeks, but tomorrow.

But we get nothing in return except droning by the vice president and more medical expert doomsday gibberish.

And as the president goes wobbly, the governors continue their assault on religious liberty, denying free association and assembly, declaring curfews, threatening to jail anyone who dares take a hike in a park, walks along the beach, or has Easter dinner with the family, while ordering state police to chase down drivers with out-of-state license plates and emptying prisons of the most dangerous and violent criminals.


Seventeen million unemployed and counting while COVID-19 deaths are fewer than half of the usual lower end of recent annual flu counts.


Breitbart's James Delingpole  may have the best take on this debacle, including an interview with Brit Peter Hitchens, in reference to comments by a former British Supreme Court Chief justice — both decrying the descent into totalitarian madness by stripping civil liberties in seek of a cure to an overstated malady — plus prescient remarks by the most widely regarded German epidemiologist/virologist, who describes the lockdown policies introduced in Germany and elsewhere as "grotesque, absurd, and very dangerous."

Unless Trump launches the recovery plan in a few days, he will be blamed for the pandemic panic, the economic devastation, and ensuring social upheaval.

Trump will be blamed for dairy men dumping milk; curbside restaurateurs being harassed by health inspectors; interstate rest stops closed to over-the-road truck-drivers trying to deliver food and household necessities to local groceries; businesses permitted to "stay open," but their employees afraid to violate stay-at-home orders; local M.D.s forced by CDC to label deaths as COVID-19 despite fatal underlying diseases predisposing flu, COVID-19, or anything else; and a small business rescue plan that has yet to get off the ground.

Trump will be blamed for destroying the uplifting economic hope for all Americans that he alone enabled.  Fortunes, families, futures — cratered. 

Imagine this: Trump will have defeated the fake Russia collusion, fought off the Ukrainian impeachment lunacy, survived nonstop harassment since inauguration day, while engineering the most robust economy in half a century.

Yet as he fails to come up with a credible exit plan on this, seemingly dithering, his triumphs will be all for naught, our re-election hopes dashed, defeated by bureaucrats wielding self-serving credentials but nothing else.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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