We are all homeschoolers now

The orders to stay at home with family are accomplishing a new experiment in home schooling, and it’s being fervently enforced by those who derided the president most, and for whom home schooling poses the greatest threat. Ironic, isn’t it? The question remains whether a compliant and somnambulant populace will awaken enough to truly embrace the call, or if our culture has transformed us all into simple bots who do as they are bid by their overlords. Because attitude is the greatest weapon, the frontier of this battle is in home education.  In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed adults complaining they don’t know how to educate their children. Is there anything quite so ridiculous? The mark of education is the ability to teach what has been learned, yet “educated” parents are stymied. What’s more, they seem incapable of identifying that patent absurdity, and many others (in the media, for instance) are nodding in sympathy. Of course,...(Read Full Post)
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