Virtue signaling in the time of corona

Last week, the Missouri University (MU) Faculty Council met -- one presumes via Internet -- and showed how little its race-obsessed members had learned in the five years since the campus’s 2015 multicultural meltdown. “MU Faculty Council puts out letter about COVID-19 and racism,” reads the headline in the Missourian, a daily put out by MU’s hugely overrated J-School. According to the Missourian, some members of the Chinese, Korean, and other Asian communities at MU have “experienced racial discrimination tied to the pandemic.” This discrimination inspired the Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Committee of the Faculty Council to send an open letter asking “the MU community” to do the following: Refer to the virus as COVID-19 rather than by a name stigmatizing Asian people. Reject xenophobia related to the virus. In that no one has been on campus in the last month, and that the Asian faculty members have been...(Read Full Post)
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