Thomas Friedman has a new plan to resuscitate Biden’s campaign

New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman avoids the fire-breathing rhetoric of his colleagues, men such as Frank “Trump has no soul” Bruni or Paul “the markets will never recover” Krugman. Instead, Friedman tries to present himself as a reasonable man from the Midwest. His problem is that the Times, where he’s worked for almost 40 years, is a bastion of some of America’s hardest left politics. Friedman no longer has any idea what reason and moderation in politics look like, leading to an unintentionally funny column. Friedman’s latest idea to cover for Joe Biden’s increasingly obvious mental incapacity is to pick his administration in advance. Friedman already pushed this notion back in February, when he promised Democrats that they could overwhelm Trump in November by doing “something extraordinary – forge a national unity ticket the likes of which they have never forged before.” (And yes, the Times really...(Read Full Post)
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