The virus continues to highlight Pope Francis’s leftism

Just a few days ago, in a surprising departure from Christian doctrine, Pope Francis suggested that the earth (aka Gaia) has brought COVID-19 to the world as revenge for Climate Change. Apparently, she’s angry about all the North Pole glaciers that melted. (The Pope might have missed that, just last July, the North Pole had “extraordinarily thick ice” or that the winter sea ice is currently at its highest level in seven years.) For Pope Francis watchers, this pronouncement was not a surprise. Argentina, where the Pope had his Catholic training and ministry, practices “liberation theology,” which is a fusion of leftism and Catholicism. In various Papal pronouncements, he’s preached economic Marxism and anthropogenic climate change, both of which seem somewhat far afield for a Vicar of Christ who should be concerned with the state of his flock's souls. For Easter, Pope Francis took another dive into Marxist economics. This time, in...(Read Full Post)
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