President Trump fights the media narrative about his COVID-19 response

Usually, when we talk about “must-see” events, we’re describing sports, concerts, or blockbuster movies. With President Trump in the White House, though, a must-see event is a President Trump’s COVID-19 press conference. On Monday, Trump took the press conference to a whole new level. He directly attacked the media’s effort to rewrite history with their false allegations that Trump, due to ineptitude and crude political calculations, failed to respond to the virus in a timely and efficient way, effectively killing Americans. In the face of media lies and slander, George W. Bush, always the gentleman, would have said nothing. Trump, thank goodness, has no effete gentlemanly notions. If you slander him, he fights back. Trump’s grand moment at the press conference began when he made irrefutable factual statements about the facts on the ground and his responsive actions. He then showed a video that summed up his aggressive efforts responding...(Read Full Post)
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