Mueller report suppressed evidence exonerating Trump

Unfortunately, the shocking revelation that the Mueller Report misled the American people by omitting important evidence exonerating the Trump campaign of collusion with Russia will go mostly unnoticed with everyone focused on the pandemic. John Solomon, writing on his new site, Just The News, has another scoop that reveals that the translator present at the Trump Tower meeting with Russians who offered dirt on the Hillary campaign --  the very centerpiece of allegations of collusion – provided a lot of exculpatory information that was recorded in FBI 302 memoranda, but which was excluded by the Mueller Report. However, one relatively minor tidbit that reflected unfavorably on the meeting was included. This should be shocking because Mueller and his team, led by Andrew Weissman, were hired to provide the truth, a complete picture. They were not hired to damage Trump as much as possible, but that appears to be what they were actually doing. I am no expert on legal ethics,...(Read Full Post)
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