Meanwhile, in other news, Sudanese Muslim kills two in France

While you were obediently sheltering in place and socially distancing to self isolate out of an abundance of caution you might have missed other news about some people who took advantage of the situation.   For instance, in a town outside France's third-largest city, Lyon, a Sudanese Muslim refugee person of color stabbed two people to death while severely injuring seven others.  Proud of himself, he then screamed the Muslim go-to phrase,  "Allahu Akbar," (Arabic for: [Muslim] god is great[er]; implied--your god isn't) as he begged the French police to kill him and thus martyr him -- an honor -- for his Muslim beliefs and actions.   As a Muslim martyr he would go directly to Muslim heaven where those supposed 72 virgins await him, among other delights and honors.    However, the French police, racist -- or something -- as they are, denied him the pleasure of the next world and merely...(Read Full Post)
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