Hazards of Warehousing the Elderly

The coronavirus pandemic has precipitated a behavioral sea change across the land. We all now do things that might have seemed ludicrous just a few short months ago; no handshakes, no hugs, no kisses, and no large gatherings. Social intercourse, literally and figuratively, has become frozen in time. Indeed, for the moment: birth control, population control, and abortion debates may have been rendered moot by fiat. Indeed, with the possible exception of Spring Break snowflakes, most of us are in some sort of social quarantine or “lockdown.” The intercourse of choice at the moment is “social distancing.” If we are indeed at war with a virus, then the demographics and outlook are grim for the most vulnerable among us. The target-rich environment for the coronavirus “war” is the senior citizen demographic. Today, there are 703 million people (worldwide) aged 65 or older, a number that is projected to reach 1.5 billion by 2050. According to...(Read Full Post)
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