Even during a crisis, Americans demonstrate their independence

As America's lockdown continues and the cure begins to look worse than the Wuhan, China COVID-19 disease, many suffering citizens are beginning to question the need for some of the more draconian laws imposed by the blue state and local governments.  Is it really necessary to ban people, especially those adults with children, from enjoying a public park?  Should Americans inform government officials if other Americans enjoy a closed park or violate another seemingly overreaching diktat?

Increasingly Americans are declaring, "No!"  And then acting on their feelings. 

In San Clemente, California healthy young males, restless and bored as only healthy young males can be, decided to go to a closed skate park to...skate.  Individually.  Properly socially isolated and distanced.  Overbearing government officials would have none of this serious violation of the law so 

"the city filled the skate park with 37 tons of sand."  Undeterred  "Conner Ericsson, a dirt bike rider, showed up with a few friends to enjoy a few runs on the sandy surface"  and "then helped some skaters dig out the sand 'so they could do some social shredding,” he wrote in a social media post.' "

On the east coast, elected officials were just as overbearingly totalitarian.  New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-Sandinista), thinking he was the dictator in some communist paradise hellhole, advised his constituents to squeal on their law-breaking neighbors to the proper authorities, tweeting 

How do you report places that aren’t enforcing social distancing? It’s simple: just snap a photo and text it to 311-692. #AskMyMayor

Thankfully most New Yorkers reacted as New Yorkers. Here's the New York Post headline and lede:

De Blasio’s social distancing tip line flooded with penis photos, Hitler memes 

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s critics let him know how they really felt about him ordering New Yorkers to snitch on each other for violating social-distancing rules — by flooding his new tip line with crank complaints including “dick pics” and people flipping the bird, The Post has learned.

Photos of extended middle fingers, the mayor dropping the Staten Island groundhog and news coverage of him going to the gym have all been texted to a special tip line that de Blasio announced Saturday, according to screenshots posted on Twitter.

One user sent the message “We will fight this tyrannical overreach!” to the service and got an automated message that in part said, “Hello, and thank you for texting NYC311.”

“F–k you!” replied @MorganLSchmidt1, along with a meme showing Adolf Hitler and the words “TO THOSE TURNING IN YOUR NEIGHBORS AND LOCAL BUSINESSES — YOU DID THE REICH THING."

And more suggestions that don't belong on this family-friendly blog but are very appropriate on a New York online news media site reporting on the outrageous behavior of their leader.  But hey, New Yorkers, you elected him.

Stay safe readers; practice appropriate social distancing and appropriate common sense.  And rebel when our elected officials forget they work for us and think we work for them. 

Here once the embattled citizens stood

And fired their shots heard round the world.

(With apologies to Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of image by www.MedicalGraphics.de // CC BY-ND 4.0, and public domain image