Enough is enough! This is not 'the big one'

In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, park workers in America are cordoning off playgrounds and removing basketball rims.  Michiganders are told by their government that they cannot visit neighbors and relatives, with a penalty of up to $1,000.  In Indiana and other states, worshipers of all faiths are restricted to no more than ten people gathering while hundreds at a time "gather" daily at tens of thousands of large retailers across the country. In my home City of Lakes, Minneapolis, Minn., at the beginning of April, when students had already become restless in their homes and were practically begging to return to school, city officials announced the closure for the summer of six dozen pools, beaches, and water parks.  They cannot "guarantee" the public's safety (who can?), but they sure can guarantee the deflation of any kid's hope for a normal life.  And now Dr. Fauci, whose words and pronouncements are...(Read Full Post)
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