Did China unleash COVID-19 malevolently or accidentally?

Tucker Carlson did a segment discussing COVID-19's origins.  While saying the virus probably started in a laboratory, he was careful not to accuse China of deliberately creating or releasing the virus.  China's long history of shoddy products and disregard for human life makes it a good bet that China didn't weaponize the virus.  Instead, COVID-19 is probably just another shoddy Chinese product. Back in the 1960s, Japan was synonymous with cheap, but not shoddy products.  By the 1980s, though, Japanese people's meticulous habits meant that, if it came from Japan, it was well made and worth the price. When China started selling cheap products in the West, most people assumed that it would follow the same trajectory that Japan did.  That never happened because China is not Japan (nor is it Korea, which also makes meticulous products).  Unlike Japan and Korea, it's neither clean nor...(Read Full Post)
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