Democrats are happy because...

Democrats are happy because... ...Joe Biden is hidden in a basement and is not yet exposed as the elderly, frail, and going senile disaster candidate he really is. ...the coronavirus is racist.  It thrives on communities of color who have been marginalized, victimized, and everything-ized by the man and falls under a new category called "virus injustice." ...eighty-year-old plastic surgery patient Nancy Pelosi can cover her neck with a bandana. Democrats are happy because... ...Americans have forgotten about their disastrous impeachment hoax for the most part. ...their ridiculous primary process that resulted in Joe Biden being given the nomination has been mostly forgotten. ...the Deep State crimes against the United States that Democrats backed and paid for have been largely forgotten. Democrats are happy because... ...totalitarianism is cool again!  Americans are willing to give up their freedoms, including agreeing to...(Read Full Post)
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