Calm down and think for yourself

One of the offshoots of being on the debate team in college, taking graduate-level statistics as part of my master's, and working as a lawyer is an awareness of how one can make a case for practically anything by playing around with evidence, numbers, analysis, and language.  Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic and should be taken seriously.  But the crisis should not be taken advantage of, nor should politicians manipulate definitions, data, and diagnoses to achieve political aims.    Getting Down to Cases There is no such thing as a "case" of coronavirus.  According to Merriam-Webster, a "case" in medical terms is an instance of a disease or injury.  "Cases" are subdivided for public health surveillance by the CDC into the following categories: confirmed, laboratory-confirmed, clinically compatible, etc.   "Coronavirus" is not a disease; coronaviruses...(Read Full Post)
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