Asking Tougher Questions

On Wednesday’s "Tucker Carlson Show," the clueless Phil Murphy, governor of New Jersey, announced that he had not considered the Bill of Rights when decreeing draconian limits on New Jersians’ mobility and, even more concerning, that gathering for church was verboten.  (Hint, Governor, these are rights for every U.S. citizen, not suggestions or advisories).  Carlson’s incredulity was understandably palpable, and he skillfully got to his main point: Why are people being denied their right to assemble in houses of worship?  The best Phil “Never heard of the Bill of Rights” Murphy could muster was that he had consulted with religious leaders, implying that they had all fallen in line with his atrocious diktat.  Oh, and he also ran things by some lawyers, who apparently had also never heard of the Bill of Rights. But Carlson missed the point -- and a golden opportunity to do something that I wish more in the media would do:...(Read Full Post)
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