Asking Tougher Questions

On Wednesday’s "Tucker Carlson Show," the clueless Phil Murphy, governor of New Jersey, announced that he had not considered the Bill of Rights when decreeing draconian limits on New Jersians’ mobility and, even more concerning, that gathering for church was verboten.  (Hint, Governor, these are rights for every U.S. citizen, not suggestions or advisories).  Carlson’s incredulity was understandably palpable, and he skillfully got to his main point: Why are people being denied their right to assemble in houses of worship?  The best Phil “Never heard of the Bill of Rights” Murphy could muster was that he had consulted with religious leaders, implying that they had all fallen in line with his atrocious diktat.  Oh, and he also ran things by some lawyers, who apparently had also never heard of the Bill of Rights.

But Carlson missed the point -- and a golden opportunity to do something that I wish more in the media would do: Ask the Guv the kind of questions that would elicit answers outside of the stick-to-the-script monologue the left so often uses:

Governor, why did you arrest Jews in their Synagogue?

I think it’s a fair question. Jews were indeed arrested in their synagogue -- for gathering for religious purposes, a right guaranteed since the founding of the country.

I’d have had some follow-ups:

Governor, are you planning on arresting more Jews?  Why are you only arresting Jews?  What do Jews have to do to avoid being arrested? Do you consider Jews worshipping in their synagogue to be criminals?  Have you arrested, or are you planning on arresting, Muslims or Buddhists or any other religious group if they exercise their absolute right to gather for a religious ceremony?

Governor, we know that Christians are being arrested, fined, and even jailed by “the authorities” across the country for exercising the same rights as the Jews you arrested. Are you planning on arresting Christians as well? Or is it only the Jews you are after?

I’m not holding my breath, but I think we need more of this line of questioning.

Another example:

It’s clear as day that the Democrats are fighting the President tooth and nail over the Wuhan virus, despite their own staggering smugness and ingrained illogic.  They’re smug, in part, because people don’t ask them some tough questions.

How about somebody asking the following:

Senator Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, do you agree that COVID-19 is a national challenge in the U.S.? Do you agree that we all need to do our part to pull together to get through this trying time?  Do you think this is a time to put partisanship aside to get the job done?  Why, then, are you not at the President’s shoulder at every daily briefing expressing your support for the process and the American people, even if you do not personally agree with everything the President says?  Has the President forbidden you or any other Democrat from attending his daily briefings?  What, exactly, have you and the Democrat Party done to support U.S. efforts to combat the virus?  Could you point me to the DNC statement which describes how the Democrat Party is supporting and working with the President and the American people as millions are thrust into unemployment and misery?

I might have missed something, but I don't see anyone asking these kinds of questions -- and they need to be asked.  The point is strategy, and on that front the left certainly has the edge.

Time to respond in kind.

Whatever the circumstance, it’s very clear that the left gets a pass when it comes to marginal and leading questions, the very tactic they use against the rest of us.  That’s why the White House Press Corps went mad when the President showed them a montage video of their unbelievable hypocrisy and hubris.  They couldn’t take the punch, and I’m sure that collectively, their terminal navel-gazing prevented them from even questioning whether what the montage video showed was their virulently terminal narcissism.

Let’s start asking the tough questions.  I’ll bet legitimate answers will be in short supply -- unless you call character assassination, intellectual dishonesty, and more lies a response to anything.