An obituary for The New York Times

When prominent people die, the press publishes "obituaries," reports of their deaths and a summary of their lives.  I recently read a New York Times obituary that accidentally summarized the last years of The New York Times, a once great newspaper.  The Times obit was meant to be about Dr. S. Fred Singer, a noted scientist, prolific writer (including at American Thinker), and prominent critic of popular climate change models that contend that man has heated up the Earth. The entire N.Y. Times report — including a snooty and biased headline — was not a factual account, but an ideological argument meant to discredit the life and work of Fred Singer, once the chief atmospheric scientist at NASA and a man who had penned a book of more than 1,000 pages critiquing popular climate theory.   Source. "A leading climate change contrarian."  That is how The Times headline describes...(Read Full Post)
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