Amy Acton guesses wrong, and Ohioans pay the price

Ohio liquor stores and abortion facilities are open for business.  Small businesses are shuttered.  Real estate owners are not receiving rent on their investments and will soon face foreclosures.  Ohio has been crushed with layoffs.  Religious leaders, looking to our governor, have shuttered all worship services. Ohio's elected leaders need to quickly ease the public lockdown.  The data provided by the Ohio Department of Health as of April 6, 2020 tell a clear story. I affirm that this virus is not a joke, particularly for the individuals and families who have been hit with it.  Also, four weeks ago, state officials did not know how serious this might become and were fearful of a terrible outcome.  Yet the numbers now demand that less fear and more prudence is needed. There have been 119 coronavirus-related deaths in Ohio.  There have been 9,678 deaths nationwide with 67% of these...(Read Full Post)
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