Biden vs. the black swans

Who knew two months ago that we'd be shut down by a virus called Corona or that the Biden campaign would be brought down by a woman named Tara? Tara and Corona — the two that no one saw coming. Former V.P. Joe Biden has two choices.  He can double down, or he can step aside and take one for the party, as Liz Peek is recommending: In this #MeToo era, Democrat officials could use that accusation to get Uncle Joe to withdraw from the race. Why would that be good for Democrats? Because they know that Biden is a weak candidate who may be suffering cognitive decline and is not likely to beat President Trump in November. The inability of the former vice president to reliably string two sentences together is alarming and will only become more evident as the months pass. Liz Peek makes a lot of sense.  But there may be a lot of unexpected consequences if "Uncle Joe" decides to go back to retirement. First, who replaces...(Read Full Post)
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