Whoopi Goldberg falls victim to Jill Biden

Two prominent progressive women were discredited yesterday in an incident that reveals stunning levels of phoniness in the Democrat-media complex. A woman by the name of Caryn Johnson has become a major force in shaping the political opinions of many American women.  You probably know her as Whoopi Goldberg, a stage name she culturally appropriated, presumably for its shock value as a distinctively Jewish moniker attached to an African-American woman.  (Where are all the woke progs who protest a college dining hall serving tacos?)  Thanks to ABC featuring her on its daytime talk show aimed at women, The View, Whoopi Goldberg's opinions reach and influence many female voters.  Yesterday, she revealed herself to be an ignorant phony, claiming that the wife of Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden is a "helluva doctor ... an amazing doctor" and ought to be considered for surgeon general in the future Biden administration that she hopes...(Read Full Post)
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