Whistling past the coronavirus graveyard

It's hard not to notice something more indigenous to Americans than to most of the world: Using humor to fight something that's (literally) deadly serious. There are a lot of  jokes about the coronavirus, a lot of memes, and a lot of videos making fun of the infection itself, as well as some of the practices associated with fighting it (social distancing, wearing masks, overvigorous hand-washing, etc.).  For examples of a variety of tongue-in-cheek coronavirus jabs, check out BabylonBee.com. But there are also those pleading that we stop with the humor already, that "being funny" when people are dying is, well, seriously not funny. A recent article about a young man in New Jersey who lost his fiancé to the virus brings up this very issue.  He quite bluntly asks, can we stop with the joking already? I must admit, I for one am very sympathetic to his request and agree that if someone in my close family had the virus -- and especially...(Read Full Post)
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