UK health care fails under coronavirus

Everyone paying attention knows full well by now that electromechanical ventilators are the most critically needed and longest lead-time items required for saving the most vulnerable COVID-19-infected patients — the ones who develop secondary pneumonia and would otherwise literally drown in their own fluids if not for this artificial breathing technology.  According to BBC News on Thursday, "the NHS [British National Health Service] has just over 8,000 ventilators" and is seeking help from the vacuum cleaner company Dyson to rapidly manufacture more.  So far, so good, and we all wish Sir James Dyson's company Godspeed.  At the same time, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo likens ventilators to "missiles in World War II."  The related news article reports, "There are about 160,000 ventilators in existing hospital treatment rooms across the United States and the Centers for Disease...(Read Full Post)
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