Trump vs. the terrible reporter

During a press conference in which our problem-solver extraordinaire president sought to calm and reassure Americans suffering media induced corona-madness, a fake news media minion could not resist exploiting the national crisis to attack Trump, bombarding him with absurd “gotcha” questions. Rather than behaving like a typical Republican, fearfully scrambling for an answer, Trump's response was, “I think you're a terrible reporter.” This is why we love Donald J. Trump. Trump went on to call out the reporter's anti-American evil low-life intention. Bravo, Mr. President!  The “terrible reporter” was a surrogate for fake news media, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, and the Democratic party, who are selfishly attempting to use corona-madness to stop Trump's reelection. They say screw the economy and emotional-well-being of the American people. Trump is advised to abandon his instinct of immediately...(Read Full Post)
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