UK ends its creative experiment with herd immunity

Over the weekend, news broke that the United Kingdom had adopted a wildly different approach from the rest of the world when it comes to the coronavirus.  While most of the world's countries were trying to stop or slow the disease until reliable treatments and vaccines are available, Britain planned to create old-fashioned herd immunity by sequestering vulnerable people but letting everyone else get exposed to the virus. In an article published here early Monday morning, we suggested that, while this was certainly a creative idea, it was also very risky: It's an interesting theory but . . . a risky one.  Misjudge the delicate balance, and you end up with an explosive rate of disease.  Also, viruses mutate, so the coronavirus might grow to become harmful to previously low-risk communities. [snip] [W]hile the U.K. is experimenting with something that theoretically makes sense, the downside risks of trying magically to...(Read Full Post)
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