The silver lining in the Wuhan Virus

The Wuhan Virus is causing major disruptions in the U.S., from the stock market to the economy to social gatherings of all sorts.  The virus itself is still not nearly up to the disease standards of the common flu or swine flu, even though the media hype of it has been off the charts.  But that's not my point here.  Rather, I see three upshots to this Wuhan epidemic in the U.S.  There are probably more, but these three stand out in my mind. 1. Businesses now see that their precious supply chains and just-in-time inventory models are laden with risk.  Also, the American public and even our brain-dead political class are now aware of the folly of being dependent on China for so much of our essential goods, especially prescription medicines and health care products.  Both these factors will accelerate the relocation of U.S. businesses out of communist China.  Even if a number of those...(Read Full Post)
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