The resurrection of America, Trump-style

Donald Trump plays a different game of chess.  He thinks several moves ahead, as any chess master would, but he also plays multiple games simultaneously.  He contends with a confrontational media, an insatiable Democratic House leadership, and ill prepared state government–managed health care facilities.  Trump would be amazed should he get true bipartisan support in his effort to stem the coronavirus crisis. Trump chose to express his desire for a return to normal.  He hoped America could reopen by Easter.  The media immediately rushed to condemn him.  But when his tweet Sunday evening was sent out, was he trying to influence the negotiations underway in the Senate between Sec. Mnuchin and Sen. Chuck Schumer that had collapsed? The discussions had stalled as Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned to Washington.  She had put the left's wish list into the legislation at issue, ballooning the price tag to $2.5...(Read Full Post)
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