About those supposedly overflowing morgues in New York City...

I saw the headline that said morgues are running out of space in New York City, and I thought: "That makes no sense." Here's one from Weather.com: Coronavirus Updates: Report Says Morgues in NYC May Be Near Capacity; White House, Senate Agree on Aid Package As of Wednesday, there were more than 30,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 statewide in New York, according to the New York Times. At least 280 people have died, most of them in the city. Here's another: Coronavirus deaths cross 192 in New York City; NYU offers medical students early graduation So far, since the Chinese virus crisis has started, 192 people in New York City have died from the virus. According to information I could find in a few minutes of research, in 2015, 153,623 people died in NYC from all causes, or 420 per day.  In 2015, there were 153,623 deaths, to take but one example.  That comes to 420.88 a day with heart disease and...(Read Full Post)
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