Shut down the shutdown already!

After all the times that Democrats have clutched their pearls about a possible government shutdown, it's ironic that they have no qualms about shutting everything except government down.  Hopefully, Martha McSally's bill will get passed so the Democrats can share the pain. The two types of shutdowns are similar in this way: only the supposedly non-essential work is shut down.  And who defines what's non-essential?  Yes, the government doing the shutdown also does the definition.  No conflict of interest there.  I guess if it saves even one union member, it's worth it. Mind you, congressional millionaires won't be hurt financially by a few weeks off, or a few months — not as most people will, meaning the same ones who are seeing their local (city or state) governments tell them to stay home for their own good and that of others.  Pay no attention to the increased government control being...(Read Full Post)
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