Shouldn't Pelosi investigate how many deaths Obama/Biden policies caused?

For the past few years, most of the media and other Democrats have tried to take out Trump with intentional lies about Russian collusion and endless investigations about Russia and other things.  Now they are trying to take him out by saying he is causing many deaths because he purportedly reacted too slowly to the virus from China.  They are even calling him a racist because he truthfully calls it the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus.  They are clearly more respectful of China, where they lied continuously about the virus, than they are of Trump.  A significant number of media outlets are even censoring the daily press conferences. For the past few days, we have been treated to the media building up the deplorable, despicable Pelosi, who hung out in San Francisco for a week and delayed aid for days as she larded up the bailout bill with special interest money, while trashing Trump.  Why aren't the media trashing Pelosi instead of...(Read Full Post)
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