Long lines at the gas station

We categorize things and events.  Today I am reminded of the great gasoline shortages America experienced in the early, mid, and late seventies.  The long lines of cars stacked up on the main roads were sometimes places of mayhem.  The evening news was all agog.  Mistrust abounded and greed mixed with chastisement ruled the public square. People went all out for themselves at first. Then we learned the plain fact; there would be gas but we were going to pay high for it. You create a shortage and simultaneously you create a price hike. Phones didn’t have cameras so we missed much of the action. Replace the old gas tank with a postmodern freezer stuffed with a dozen loaves of bread and you watch the events of today strangely replicate.  People bought locking gas filler caps; they had to because thieves always lurk.  Are locking freezers in our future? I work for a small company of fewer than twenty employees.  We adapted fast...(Read Full Post)
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