Leftists outraged that the Trump administration is arresting illegal aliens

One of Donald Trump's main campaign promises was that he would enforce America's existing immigration laws.  This involved building a wall — not to keep Americans in, as happens in totalitarian countries, but to prevent illegal entry from those who cannot be bothered by America's immigration laws.  It also involved promising to remove from America those here illegally, especially those who, while here, have broken other laws.

From his first day in office, Democrats and other leftists, aided by activist judges on federal courts, have fought Trump tooth and nail.  Trump successfully managed to get funding for the wall, which is finally going up.  Even more importantly, working with Sen. Mitch McConnell, Trump shifted the composition of the federal Judiciary.  Where there was once a majority of judges whose ideology dictated their rulings, the new majority consists of judges who look to the constitution, legislation, and precedent for guidance.

This reformed Judiciary recently ruled that so-called "sanctuary" cities and states cannot demand federal money to fight crime if they block federal authorities from arresting illegal aliens who commit crimes.  Also, on Friday, the New York Times despairingly reported that ICE is now targeting those sanctuary regions (which makes sense if you're not the New York Times because sanctuary policies mean those regions are the ones with a plethora of criminal illegal aliens):

Intensifying its enforcement in so-called sanctuary cities across the country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has begun 24-hour-a-day surveillance operations around the homes and workplaces of undocumented immigrants. The agency plans to deploy hundreds of additional officers in unmarked cars in the coming weeks to increase arrests in cities where local law enforcement agencies do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

ICE leadership has requested at least 500 special agents who normally conduct long-term investigations into dangerous criminals and traffickers to join the enhanced arrest campaign rolling out in sanctuary cities, according to an internal email reviewed by The New York Times.

The request follows an earlier decision, made public last month, to deploy elite tactical BORTAC agents — immigration SWAT teams that are normally assigned to risky border smuggling, rescue and intelligence operations — to help arrest and deport immigrants in sanctuary cities.

Democrats are outraged.  They've invested a lot of time and energy in cultivating illegal aliens.

States with high numbers of illegal aliens, all of whom have been counted in past decennial censuses, have more representatives in Congress and more electoral college votes.  Additionally, Latin American immigrants often come from countries that have failed economies thanks to socialist policies.  Rather than giving up on the policies, many of the immigrants seek those same policies, only in a more prosperous country.  They become a reliable Democrat/socialist voting bloc, whether they vote legally or illegally.

Twitchy found some anguished tweets.  Annie Correal, who covers immigration for the New York Times, received an artistic picture of ICE in action:

She conceded that ICE confirmed that it was executing a criminal arrest warrant but seemed to feel that it was just so wrong...

Meanwhile, an NPR reporter was horrified by the fact that the Trump administration was actually following the law:

Like most leftists, whether deliberately or not, Hinojosa is unclear on the difference between people who enter America legally and need not worry about ICE arresting them and those whose very entry into America is an illegal act, and who are therefore correct to worry about deportation.  Americans are not hostile to immigrants; they are hostile to people who break the law.

Hinojosa and her ideological cohorts are never outraged when American citizens are arrested for having broken into someone's home or business.  However, when ICE sends packing a prospective Democrat voter who will help swell a blue state's representation in the House and the Electoral College, it's a new Holocaust.

The real Holocaust occurs when people legally in America are raped or murdered by people who ought not to have been here in the first place.  Even one of those crimes is one too many.  It's a wonderful thing that we finally have a president who takes seriously his obligation to carry out duly enacted legislation.

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