Even pro-abortion feminists throw like girls

In the world of feminism, men and women are exactly alike except when they're different, in which case women are better.  It's a nice mental universe in which to live, but sometimes you find yourself crashing into reality — or in the case of feminists in Mexico City on International Women's Day, exploding into reality. One example of the differences between men and women is that women can't throw as well as men.  This is true across age groups and cultures.  The taunt that "you throw like a girl" has a sound basis in reality.  There's still a bell curve among women, with certain women throwing significantly better than others, but on average, they throw less well than men. Throwing things matters here because of events in Mexico City on Sunday.  Mexico City is one of the states in Mexico that does allow abortion on demand, although that right ends 12 weeks into the pregnancy.  Outside...(Read Full Post)
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