Even pro-abortion feminists throw like girls

In the world of feminism, men and women are exactly alike except when they're different, in which case women are better.  It's a nice mental universe in which to live, but sometimes you find yourself crashing into reality — or in the case of feminists in Mexico City on International Women's Day, exploding into reality.

One example of the differences between men and women is that women can't throw as well as men.  This is true across age groups and cultures.  The taunt that "you throw like a girl" has a sound basis in reality.  There's still a bell curve among women, with certain women throwing significantly better than others, but on average, they throw less well than men.

Throwing things matters here because of events in Mexico City on Sunday.  Mexico City is one of the states in Mexico that does allow abortion on demand, although that right ends 12 weeks into the pregnancy.  Outside Oaxaca and Mexico City, though, the laws vary significantly, with some states, such as conservative Guanajuato, making it illegal.

On Sunday, which was also International Women's Day, a group of Nazi-aligned men in Mexico City protested against abortions in that state.  Across the city, activist feminists aggressively faced off against the men:

A group of women outside Mexico City's main cathedral clashed on Sunday with men protesting abortion who made Nazi salutes, among scuffles that left dozens injured during a protest of tens of thousands of people on International Women's Day.

The incidents reflected an undercurrent of anger throughout the day, in which the city government said 80,000 people marched through Mexico City's historic core to the public square fronting the cathedral and National Palace.

Wearing green bandanas symbolizing support for abortion rights, at least a dozen women ripped down banners describing abortion as femicide and set them on fire.


Elsewhere in the city center, women in black masks and armed with hammers smashed the windshield of a car, overturned a van and burnt doors of buildings.

One group of women decided to escalate their fight by hurling a Molotov cocktail at the men.  Unfortunately, the woman responsible for hurling that weapon...threw like a girl:

It shouldn't be funny — the female photographer got second-degree burns when the bomb set her pants on fire — but somehow it is.  Until feminists begin to acknowledge that men and women truly are different, but equal, including having things that each sex can and cannot do, Western culture will be stuck in a rut.  Men and women should be working together for the benefit of their societies, not tearing each other apart or trying to blow each other up.

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