Dictatorship of the immunocompromised?

As America teeters on the brink of a planned catastrophic economic collapse, it is time to rethink our response to the deadly coronavirus that is afflicting us. There has to be an exit strategy out of this national suicide attempt that is being accomplished through lockdowns and the imposition of quasi-martial law.  Responsible, enlightened governance requires tradeoffs that don't look like one-size-fits-all collective punishment imposed from above. We got to this place because wildly overstated projections by monomaniacally focused experts stampeded policymakers into ordering draconian crackdowns on the general population, instead of focusing on the most vulnerable members of the population.  These politicians have been tripping over each other as they race to see who can be the most severe and despotic. Is all of this justified?  The Chinese virus may be scary, but, so far at least, the doomsday scenarios forecasted by so many so-called...(Read Full Post)
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