COVID-19 and the fog of war

Every year, many thousands of people die of what is called ordinary flu.  Tens of thousands die in traffic accidents.  Then there are industrial accidents, household mishaps, and huge numbers of avoidable deaths attributed to tobacco and illegal drugs. We have, sad to say, learned to live with these deaths.  We do not close down society because of them. The coronavirus (COVID-19), tragic though it is, pales in comparison, so far, with other causes of death. While we should never downplay the effects of the current pandemic, we must keep it in perspective.  To allow the counter-measures to bring about an economic collapse would kill untold numbers of people, directly or indirectly.  In addition, the economic collapse of one large, bellicose nation could trigger a war, with millions of dead in a short time. North Korea claims to have had no COVID-19 infections.  Even if that doubtful claim were true, it is but a...(Read Full Post)
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