The coronavirus hits Venezuela

It's only natural for us to concentrate on the coronavirus and the U.S.  Nevertheless, other countries are counting their cases and hoping they can handle it. One good example is Venezuela, a country that had hospital shortages before we ever heard of the virus. This is from The Guardian: Venezuela will implement a nationwide quarantine after detecting 16 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday, President Nicolas Maduro said, adding that the total number of cases in the South American country has risen to 33. "It is necessary, it is indispensable, it is the response," Maduro said in an address on state television. "The crude crisis, crisis, crisis is just starting." The country on Monday had begun a quarantine in a handful of states, which Maduro said had been successful. But many across the economic crisis-stricken nation went out anyway, saying they could not afford not to work as the once-prosperous OPEC nation suffers...(Read Full Post)
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