Clothed in strength and dignity they stand

As a board member for the Women for Trump Coalition I thought I would reach out to some of the women I have met through the coalition to learn how they were holding up through the pandemic. I spoke to women in Texas, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Both in Pennsylvania and Ohio several counties are experiencing a Stay at Home Order. Many of the women I spoke to were able to easily make the transition to working from home, and others were stay-at-home mothers, and as a result, not much has changed for them in terms of being at home. However, many expressed frustrations at not being able to go outside the house “at will”. Women are now looking at a drive to the grocery store, walking the dog, or a stroll with family members as the highlight of their days. Seeing a hugely positive aspect to this, Dr. Shirley Lazorchak, said she “always appreciated the nurturing aspects of home so this quarantine is a perfect place to be at this time. In fact, a bit joyous as I see...(Read Full Post)
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